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Awesome Drop wirelessly pushes files from computer to Android phone [App Reviews]

July 19, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


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Let’s be honest: nobody likes having to mount their phone to the computer to transfer files every time. It’s still the ideal way to quickly transfer large files or many files at once, but it’s not very fun if you just need to add a new song you downloaded or a couple of wallpapers.

Awesome Drop is an Android app that eases the process of adding file transfers. No cables, accounts, or wires are necessary. It’s not hassle free since you still have to visit a website and enter a password, but it can be great for transferring files when your cable isn’t readily available (like when you’re at work and didn’t bring your cable).

The set-up process is easy. Visit on a desktop and enter the displayed code on your phone. Then simply drag-and-drop files into the box. Awesome Drop will then download the files automatically. Again, maybe not the best solution for transferring whole albums, though it is possible, but it’s perfect for quick transfers.

Download Awesome Drop from the Android Market for free. It works on all Android browsers but requires a modern browser with HTML5 support.


  • Wireless transfer of music, photos, documents, etc.
  • No account necessary


  • Not the best solution for large batch of files. Downloads may take long on slow connections and use up your monthly data caps if you’re on metered data. Use Wi-Fi for faster speeds that don’t count against your data.

App: Awesome Drop

Price: FREE


Download (only if browsing from phone)