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ASUS reportedly opts for Android tablet rather than Windows

July 20, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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ASUS is supposed to use Windows 7 Embedded on the upcoming Eee Pad EP101TC. Supposed is the operative word because NetbookNews claims that ASUS have decided that Android would be a better fit for its upcoming tablet.

The rumor is that ASUS wised up and realized that Windows CE is outdated and decided to change course. The Eee Pad is now set to run Android 2.2 with a custom interface thrown on top. According to NetbookNews, the device will launch in Q1 2011.

The Android Tablet Myth – that’s what I’ll call it until a decent one emerges – now has company. I’m not so sure this will prove to be the device that actually comes to market, but based on how this looked on Windows CE, I’ll give it a go once it has Android.

via [Android Community]