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Are Android users cheapskates? Take the Paid App Pledge and say yes or no.

July 5, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Paid apps


Distimo released a report today that 57% of Android apps are free. Considering that developers often complain about the lack of financial rewards for Android development, we can assume that 43% of Android apps aren’t purchased as much as developers would hope. That’s pitiful.

LarvaLabs, makers of great Android apps like RetroDefender and Slidescreen, have a blog post highlighting Android’s “cottage industry” for paid apps. It’s not the first time that LarvaLabs has complained about this issue, and it’s said that little has changed since they first mentioned it. Why aren’t people in countries where paids apps are available buying apps?

The perception is that Android users are cheapskates or they don’t believe there’s anything in the market worth their money. I don’t think that’s the case, so I invite all of’s readers to take the Paid App Pledge. AndroidGuy’s Chuck Falzone is spearheading an effort in which participants promise to spend $5 a week on app purchases. For $1 per workday, users can reward developers who make great apps and encourage them and others that Android is a platform worth their attention.

Take the pledge with the #PaidAppPledge tag on Twitter, and then share app recommendations with others. There’s no sign-up process or contract; just a chance for you to discover great apps and contribute to their continued development.