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Archos 5 32GB Internet Tablet with Android Sees a Price Cut

July 10, 2010 | by Jorge Parrales

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If you’ve been waiting for the 32GB Archos 5 Internet Tablet to become more affordable before making the purchase, this will be great news for you. Amazon just cut over $100 off the price of the device, from $379 to $276. The Archos 5 has been a hit-and-miss device amongst buyers since it was released in September 2009. Widely regarded as an excellent media player, many buyers have expressed disappointment with some of its other core features, namely a weak GPS signal and incompatibility with some of the most popular applications on the Android OS. But with a number of firmware updates, a lot of those complaints have disappeared, making it potentially worthwhile at such an affordable rate.

Some key features of the Archos 5 are 720p HD video playback on a 4.8 inch (800 x 480) touchscreen, 32GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, integrated GPS, Bluetooth and FM transmitter and battery life offering up to 10 hours of audio or 4 hours of video on a single charge.

To purchase the device, or to see a complete list of its features, head over to Amazon to take a look.