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Android + Google Checkout = Just as good as cash?

July 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



As the world inches closer to switching from a cash society to an all-digital payment society, companies are finding new ways to let users exchange money. PayPal bumps transactions between iPhones, Square can process credit card transactions on a Nexus One, and now Google is offering Google Checkout support between Android and Chrome.

The Android Payment Extension is designed to help merchants accept debit and credit card purchases when someone doesn’t have cash available. Street vendors, weekend garage sale folks, or just two people in a coffee house looking to perform a transaction can now use Google Checkout and some QR codes to accomplish the task. Here’s how Google describes the process:

1. Create a Google Checkout merchant account and configure your tax on the Settings Tab

2. Use the Google Checkout Store Gadget Wizard to generate a webstore template

3. Fill in the Google Spreadsheet with information about the items you wish to sell

4. Create a Google Sites page and follow the wizard to embed the Store Gadget

5. Install the Android Payment Chrome Extension

Afterwards, the customer scans a QR code, logs into his/her Checkout account, and completes the transaction. It’s not the most elegant or quickest way to do business, but it’s another option when you’re in a pinch.

Now all Google needs to do is get more people using Google Checkout.

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