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Android 3.0 “Install app from web” feature arrives early thanks to AppBrain update

July 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google VP Vic Gundotra had the crowd in his hand when he gave a demo of Android’s upcoming web-to-phone feature to install apps wirelessly. Sorry, Vic, but it looks like AppBrain beat you to it., previously covered for letting users sync downloads between web and phone, has made the process even easier with the new Fast Web Install add-on. AppBrain users can now browse the web online and instantly push app installation from the desktop. No cables, no sync, just good ol’ install buttons.

I’ve been playing with Fast Web Install since last night and have yet to come across any problems. The process is dummy proof from what I’ve seen and should get you up and running a few minutes after installing.

There is a catch or two using this feature. For one, only free apps can be installed this way, and you will have to reapply the permission every few days. A fix is in the work to automatically refresh. Here’s how to use it.

1. Go to and log-in with your Google credentials

(AppBrain does not get access to your password; Google simply provides it a token to get permissions that can be revoked).

2. Download AppBrain Market Sync app

Log-in with your Google credentials (once again, you’re safe).

Download from market

3. Download the FastWeb Install app.

Open in Market (from phone only)

4. Browse to discover apps.

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Visit AppBrain for more information