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Wunder Radio radio app for Android is like carrying a radio in your pocket without the limitations [App Reviews]

June 18, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Wunder Radio - Android radio app 7

When I got my HTC Incredible and started playing with it I was surprised and maybe even alarmed that there was a radio on the device. Yeah, a radio. Like scan for channels and listen to things that you have no control over, radio. I couldn’t remember the last time that I actually “scanned” the radio for some tunes or talk. Well, today I can bring back that radio nostalgia to my Android device with Wunder Radio (except this time with way more control).

Wunder Radio is a new Android app that allows its users the ability to stream live radio from all over the world. Wunder Radio is developed by Weather Underground and gives users a ton of radio stations and genres to listen to. Listeners can choose local weather reports, talk radio, sports, music, browse by location, and even browse world stations. When you choose one of the categories you are presented with genres that help you widdle down your choices. For instance under talk you are presented with business, conservative, entertainment, news, progressive, public/NPR, religious, specialty talk, sports talk, and technology. And under those genres you are presented with even more choices. It is crazy and awesome.

When choosing a station the streaming is fluid and didn’t give me any problems at all. I listened to some metal, rap, country, and classical on some headphones and even in my car and the audio was decently clear and stable. Mind you any audiophiles out there will surely be dissapointed; I will imagine that most stations are well under even 128kbps. But for radio streaming it is totally acceptable. I only had one hiccup when trying to access a Japanese station but I imagine that it was more on the station’s feed than the app itself. With a good 3G connection or Wi-Fi, audio starts streaming in a matter of seconds with no stutter.

Other features of Wunder Radio is the ability to add your own online radio URL. This is a great addition, especially if you listen to online radio and your favorite shows or stations are not included. There is also an “Add to Favorites” button allowing you to add stations that are playing to your favorites list.

One problem that I encountered was when I was on a list browsing genres I opened the menu and hit the “Add to Favorites” button. Wunder Radio forced closed but then “gracefully” recovered once I hit OK. It may just be overlooked and I am sure that this isn’t too difficult to fix, but with a $6.99 price tag, I want to see something that is very well polished. I still think that the app is worth the money as its pros far outweigh the one con.


  • ability to stream online radio from all over the world
  • ability to locate local stations by GPS
  • listen to the current weather in your area
  • add favorite stations to your favorites list for easy retrieval
  • add your own favorite online radio stations by URL
  • a VAST selection of music and talk


  • force closes when pressing “Add to Favorites” on anything other than the “station view”

App: WunderRadio

Price: $6.99