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Want to control your Android phone without touching it? eyeSight says yes.

June 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Front-facing cameras are perfect for gesture controls, and eyeSight mobile have just announced that they will prove that to be true. Already present on NOKIA devices, the Israeli company announced today that it will release its technology to companies making Android phones, enabling customers to control their device by making gestures in the air.

eyeSight says its technology can do things like silence incoming calls, control GPS menu navigation, start an MP3 player, and even play games – all without ever touching the device. This is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking forward to ever since companies began putting front-facing cameras on phones, and I hope this – or something similar from an enterprising developer – starts to surface soon on new devices.

What are some other uses you can think of?

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eyeSight’s technology is a pure software solution, highly optimized for mobile platforms, offering low CPU and memory requirements, which directly translate to low power consumption. The expected introduction of new Android devices with front-facing-camera by Motorola, HTC and Google will enable to fully utilize the benefits offered by eyeSight technology. The solution enables users control their phones and navigate in documents, web pages or maps by using gesture recognition technology.

“A good technology is an invisible one. eyeSight’s Touch Free Interface technology for Android-based devices introduces exactly that – a new level of interaction that is natural, intuitive and simple to use,” said Itay KatzeyeSight’s Founder & CEO. “Users are looking for ways to ease, improve and enjoy their day to day interaction with their mobile phone, ideally aiming to gain effortless control of the device’s applications and functions, which is where eyeSight’s solution comes to place.”