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Vuvuzela apps arrive on Android to terrorize the world

June 14, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Anyone who has watched a moment of the FIFA World Cup has undoubtedly heard the vuvuzela, an air horn that sounds like a mash-up between Boromir’s horn in Lord of the Rings, the anguished cries of a dying elephant, and a swarm of bees attacking everyone in sight. Some love the uniquely African horns that have drowned out all other sounds at the World Cup, others have screamed with anguish at the grating sounds.

Well, be prepared to be inundated with more vuvuzelas as there are apps on Android designed specifically to replicate that buzzing sound. Spotted via TheNextWeb, Virtual Vuvuzela is one of several apps that have emerged to play the horn sound that has dominated the World Cup (and last year’s Confederation’s Cup before it). The sound produced on VV isn’t exact, but it’s close enough to play to someone’s delight or anguish depending on perspective.

There’s talk of banning vuvuzelas for the remainder of World Cup finals, but there may be a few crafty Android users able to smuggle one in through their phone.