UPDATE: T-Mobile giving free phones to Family Plan customers

June 14, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


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Just a quick update to a rumor we wrote about last week. It seems that T-Mobile USA is indeed giving free phones to customers this Saturday, June 19th. The catch is that in order to get one of those free phones, you need to be signing-up for an eligible 2-year family plan.

TmoNews broke this story last week when they discovered the script for a commercial expected to run later this week touting the promotion. T-Mobile then fanned the flames by sending messages to tech bloggers that Dad’s don’t want “another ugly tie,” alluding to Saturday’s sale. TmoNews got its hands on a promotional item that seems to confirm that anyone signing up for a family plan will be able to get a phone for free.

Individual users and current subscribers not eligible for full upgrades may be disappointed given the requirements; visit your local T-Mobile corporate store on Saturday and press your luck.

Also, it doesn’t seem like the Nexus One will be included in this promotion. The myTouch, Cliq, and Garmin lines will likely be the Android-friendly phones available in stores.