Twitoc sends tweets by talking [Video App Reviews]

June 14, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Sending tweets is easy on most smartphones, but there’s no limit on how easy things can get. That’s the lesson of Twitoc, an Android 2.1 application that let’s Android users tweet by talking (hence the name).

Twitoc uses Android’s speech-to-text feature to record your voice and transcribe the message to followers. When used appropriately – clear enunciation and speaking in a normal tone – the app can be very accurate at identifying a message. After each recording, users have the option to re-record, edit text using the keyboard, sending the tweet, or cancelling.

There’s a standard question asked by newcomers to Twitoc: why can’t I just use Android’s built-in keyboard microphone? That’s an obvious option, but it’s easier to just tap the Twitoc widget and go directly to recording. The Twitoc widget sits comfortably on the home screen, making it much easier to fire off a message when sitting at your desk or stuck in traffic.

Twitoc offers an easy way to tweet with fewer tap and more talking. Here’s a quick video demo

Key Features

Simplifies process for tweeting with voice commands

4×1 widget or 1×1 mini widget


When installed, the app automatically announces to your friends that you have added the app. It can throw users off guard and feels a tad intrusive.

Doesn’t support speaking mentions, so you can’t say “@androinica”