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The Sony Xperia X8 is announced which is the X10′s little, cheaper brother

June 16, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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SE Xperia X8

Today Sony Ericsson’s new smartphone, the Sony Xperia X8 was announced as one of the “best-in-class” entertainment experiences in a smartphone. According to Sony, the X8 will “extend the appeal of the Xperia collection to new market segments” and will be built on the success of the X10.

The X8 is an all touchscreen phone with a 3″ capacitive screen with a 420×380 display, a 600Mghz processor, supports GSM and UMTS,  128MB ROM, capable of up to 16GB micro SD cards, 3.2MP camera, and available in White, Dark Blue/ White, Aqua Blue/ White, Pink/ White, Silver/ White colors. The X8 will also host Ericsson’s “Timescape” which gives easy access to all social networking functions. The company says that the new X8 will be avalailable in select markets in Q3 of this year and according to CNET, the phone will only cost around $250 making it desirable and affordable.

Personally, I think that the X8 is OK but nothing that can truly compete with the Android “superphones” of today. The thing is that it may not be intended to. When I see a lower powered device such as this one I tend to think that it is more of an “entry-level” device for consumers that are just getting into smartphones. The problem with this assumption is that, at least in the States, a smartphone is a smartphone is a smartphone, meaning no matter if it is “entry-level”, the consumer is still going to have to pay for a data package. So, why not go for something a little more powerful even if it is going to cost you $50 to $100 more up front?

I suppose if the X8 is released for free on contract that may sway some newbie smartphone users, but to a tired veteran like myself, I will have to pass.

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