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Tell us your favorite song, get an extended Thumbplay trial [CONTESTS]

June 18, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka




What’s your favorite song? Is it Arcade Fire’s “In the Backseat” or Muse’s “Resistance”? Maybe you’re the type who like’s some obscure Bolivian rock band that I’ve never heard of but would love if I just gave them a chance.

Whatever it is that gets your speaker box pumping, Thumbplay is offering readers in the United States a chance to play those songs on their phone whenever the mood strikes. Thumbplay is an on-demand music streaming service that plays songs on-demand. Users can access a streaming library of more than 8 million songs, use offline playback, purchase songs from the app, and mark bookmarks.

We already gave away several Thumbplay accounts (winners of that contest will be contacted shortly) and can now offer one-month extended trials to eligible users. Leave a comment naming your favorite song from a valid e-mail that you check and you will receive a free one-month membership on Thumbplay rather than the standard 3-day trial.

Winners must meet the following criteria:

  • Winners must submit a valid e-mail address (or comment through Facebook/Twitter/OpenID)
  • Winners will receive a 30 Day Free Trial
  • Winners must have a U.S. phone number, live in the U.S.
  • Winners must not be an existing Thumbplay Music customer or previous giveaway winner
  • Winner must have an Android phone w/ an Operating System of 1.6 or higher