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T-Mobile’s myTouch3G getting updated to Froyo, ‘coming soon’

June 8, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Looks like T-Mo is going to hook up their myTouch3G owners with an update to Android 2.2 Froyo. That means that the rumblings a while back of the myTouch getting an update to 2.1 have been surpassed by the latest frosty incarnation of Android.

The news is coming from a screenshot that TmoNews has picked up but there is no mention of the direct source. The screenshot outlines the 2.2 update which will include a modified “faves” gallery, a “Genius” button mapping just like the myTouch3G Slide’s, and full Microsoft Exchange support. It is also noted in the screenshot that these updates will come to the myTouch3G slide.

Something that is sort of weird here is that they don’t mention anything other than the Exchange support for the 2.2 update, like better performance, live wallpapers and an updated homescreen, or Wifi tethering. This makes me think that the myTouch3G is not going to see all of the features of Android 2.2 which is rather disappointing. Also, there is no word on an exact date for the update.

Nonetheless, it looks like myTouch owners don’t have to worry too much about having an outdated Android phone in the near future. myTouch owners, are you excited about these additions or are they somewhat lackluster?

Via [TmoNews]

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Via TmoNews