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Sprint OTA update fixes touchscreen, WiFi issues, removes default wallpapers

June 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

HTC, Sprint


Sprint sent out an over-the-air update today to HTC EVO 4G users, offering a few bug fixes and enhancements. The most obvious improvement comes via Wi-Fi, which many had complained about before because of the lack of Wireless N. EVO owners are saying that they get stronger reception at farther distances than previously achieved.

They’re also seeing improvement in the “grounding” issue that affected touchscreen sensitivity when the phone was placed flat on the surface. Most of you rarely have a phone flat on any surface, but the screen is more responsive according to some of our Twitter followers. The touchscreen is snappier when moving through menus and the phone no longer awkwardly pauses when adding widgets

One thing that wasn’t improved was the removal of the Android wallpapers. Sprint took out the images that previously appeared when selecting “Android Wallpapers,” but users can download the images here and put them back on the SDcard.

A couple of people have also claimed that their phone is no longer working because they applied the update twice. Before applying the update, make sure that your phone is fully charged and only apply the update once. Do not disturb the update process. To check if you can install the update now, go to Menu > Settings > System Updates > HTC software update. The phone may say “No firmware update available,” but that just means you have to wait a short while longer until Sprint sends a notice to install.