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Spoiler Alert! Ari Gold uses a Nexus One

June 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Until last night, the best cameo that an Android product had achieved was the G1 appearing on some silly CW teen drama. Well, move over 90210; Android has graduated to appearing on silly HBO shows!

Super-agent Ari Gold is back to his usual “I run the world, but you all don’t know it yet” screaming on the phone behavior on Entourage. Gold, played by PCU legend Jeremy Piven, is now yelling into a Nexus One. (Spotted by Android hacker Android hacker kmobs during a scene from last night’s season premiere)

I’m not surprised to see the Nexus get face time on TV, but I expected sneaker-loving, gadget-friendly Turtle to be the one to flash it. E strikes me as the BlackBerry type, Drama is too busy to bother, and I’m not sure Vince can work anything beyond a flip phone. And as silly as this sounds, these little pop culture appearances matter. Plenty of people buy things because of product placements in pop culture items.

ThinkAri will make the Nexus One mainstream? Probably not, but he’ll get the N1 a better dressing room.

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