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Sorority Life game makes jump from Facebook to Android

June 18, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The “social gaming” trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon, evidenced by the popularity of games like Farmville, Mobster, and now Sorority Life, which was just released for Android.

Sorority Life is a game in which players aim to become the most popular girl on campus. Players earn points by recruiting other sorority sisters to join their house (sorority), work at a job, and take on rivals in catty fights that increase their bank. Much like Mobsters, players can use their “brownie points” to purchase upgrades in the form of accessories, outfits, and level upgrades.

Obviously I’m not the target audience for Sorority Life, but there is a sizeable audience for these types of games. A quick scan of my Facebook account – required in order to play the game – reveals that my sister-in-law, two cousins, and several friends have caught the bug. Sign-up for Sorority Life on Facebook and then download the app from the Android Market to start your own pledge process.