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Samsung Galaxy Tab: an Android tablet worth spying on

June 3, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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There’s a great deal of focus on Android being thrown on tablets, and Samsung has given reason for a few eyes to focus on its upcoming product.

The official Twitter account of Samsung’s South African division just put up a Twitpic of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Android-powered tablet, pictured next to the Samsung Galaxy S, looks like…well, a giant version of the OS on the Samsung Galaxy S. The big brother, little brother pairing is reminiscent of the iPhone, iPad tandem, except this big brother looks to have major features available on the younger sibling.

The Galaxy Tab runs Android on a 7-inch tablet with a high-res TFT screen and 3.5 mm jack, according to the SamsungSA Twitter account. Based on the limited information that can be gathered from this image, the Tab likely includes telephony support and what looks like a front-facing camera (no promises until SA confirms).

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Twitter via [SamsungHub]