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Samsung Captivate gets early hands-on video

June 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



The Android world fully expects Samsung to unveil its line-up of U.S. Galaxy devices next week, but some people can’t wait long enough to hear about them. Thankfully, Engadget has managed to sneak some hands-on time with the upcoming Samsung Captivate, slated to come to AT&T later this year.

According to Joanna Stern, the Captivate has an amazing 4-inch screen with vibrant colors, responsive controls, and noteworthy clarity. Super AMOLED appears to meet the hype based on first impressions. Also worth writing about is the much-talked-about 1GHz Hummingbird processor is absent from the device Engadget got its hands-on, but Samsung has already confirmed that the faster processor will be present when the device is released soon (and Stern was told she tested an old model).

As nice as the Captivate sounds, it still has some drawbacks that will turn away many users. The lack of an on-device Flash means users will need great sunlight or indoor lighting to get remotely good photographs, and AT&T’s record of understanding Android has been…questionable. With that said, the Captivate is shaping-up to be the best Android option on AT&T. Here’s Engadget’s take in video.