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Rumor: HTC Scorpio(n) coming to Verizon with 1.5Ghz CPU, will the madness ever stop?

June 3, 2010 | by Chris Smith

HTC, Rumors, Verizon


According to an “infamous ROM hacker”, conflipper‘s Twitter page a new HTC device named (or codenamed) the Scorpion is on it’s way to Verizon as well as Bell Mobility. MobileCrunch picked up the story and because of it being a single Twitter post very little is known about the rumored device other than it is packing a 1.5Ghz processor.

Something strange about this is that when MobileCrunch heard about this device a while back they believed that it would run on a 4G WiMax network. If that is still the case it looks like it should be headed to Sprint’s 4G network, not Verizon’s soon to be LTE. There is no real validation to any of this so it could be coming to either carrier. Nonetheless, it appears that speed is the only thing holding mobile and handheld devices from being small “super-computers” in your pocket. It’s kind of crazy.

A discussion begs to be had here. Is there ever going to be a thing as “too much power” for a mobile phone? Or are we happy to go to the cell phone depot and walk out with the latest-greatest device, only having it be trumped by something later-and-greater as soon as we get home? I love technology, but this stuff is getting expensive; upgrading to the newest device is no longer a bi-yearly event for gadget hounds. Even a year is cutting it close. So, do you think that the Android upgrade pace is too crazy or are you in for the ride?

Via [MobileCrunch]