QuickDesk Beta: Another Home Replacement…Sort Of

June 24, 2010 | by Jorge Parrales

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QuickDesk BETA

QuickDesk beta was released into the Android Market just four days ago and it has already gained some serious momentum, surpassing 10,000 downloads as of yesterday afternoon. The developer is prompt to point out that QuickDesk is not meant to replace your home screen, but actually work alongside of it to enhance the overall user experience.

The concept is both simple and brilliant. A double-tap on your home button will bring up your QuickDesk homescreen, where you now have immediate access to up to 20 of your favorite applications. You don’t have to leave whatever you’re doing (unless you actually select another application) because it opens on top of what is on screen at that moment. And if you open QuickDesk and decide you don’t need to open another app, you can press the back button and resume what you were doing before with no delays.

One of the greatest benefits to this would be in a scenario where you open a browser or a twitter/facebook application or anything that requires a data connection only to remember that you have Wi-Fi turned off. Instead of having to get back to the homescreen, enabling Wi-Fi through Settings or a widget and then re-opening the application, you can instead just open QuickDesk and click on the Wi-Fi widget to turn it on and press the back button to be right back where you were without having to re-open anything.

QuickDesk is a single 5 x 4 screen, so you can put up to 20 applications on it for easy access to them from within any other application. You can also opt to use some of that space for widgets. I use a Touiteur widget on mine, because I like to share links for articles that I read in my browser all the time. Before QuickDesk, I had to copy the URL, leave the browser, open my twitter application, share the link, and then get back to the browser to continue what I was doing. Now, from the browser, I can open QuickDesk, share the link through the widget, then press the back button and be exactly where I was in the browser just moments before.

It’s hard to imagine that any Android user couldn’t benefit from the convenience of QuickDesk. Despite the fact that it is in beta, it is already a very impressive application and seems professionally done.


  • Easy access to up to 20 of your favorite and most-used applications or widgets.
  • Works without having to close any applications
  • Does not replace your default home screen.


  • Only one screen. While this is probably sufficient for average users, power users like myself use 20-30 applications daily as well as several widgets, so multiple screens to put my favorite things would be nice.

App: QuickDesk Beta

Price: Free