Qik re-releases video chat app into Android Market again. [VIDEO]

June 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Commmunication


On Saturday morning, Androinica wrote about Qik’s rough start on Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G. Qik wasn’t viewable for EVO phones browsing the Android Market, and when users were finally able to take a crack at it, the company’s servers crashed under the increased demand. Qik then removed the client from the market and republished it once again thinking that the problem had been fixed. After several attempts, I feel comfortable saying that it hasn’t.

While on 3G, things were bad. Switching to Wi-Fi, things were bad. Even when both parties were on stable Wi-Fi or 3G collections, things were bad. It seems that Qik has yet to fix its server problems because video wasn’t this poor when the company demo’d video chat at the NYC press event.

I had several conversations with people across the country and had varying levels of awkward conversations. Video is pixelated and often freezes or stutters. Audio was hit-or-miss; one of our readers and I had a conversation that was easily understandable, but another produced no audio at all, and two others were Transformer-like. The problem seems to be that there’s a “Talk” button that only the receiving party can see, and that person must hold down the button to be heard. If I attempt to talk while he’s holding it, there seems to be an echo chamber effect. It’s more video walkie-talkie than it is video chat.

Most comical of all, there doesn’t seem to be any “call waiting” feature. I was repeatedly kicked off a conversation with someone when receiving a new Qik call. Even when I pressed the “Cancel” button to decline, Qik ended both conversations.

Here’s a video test of one conversation.

Thanks to Nick from HTC Source, PAULWALLOFGG, bartjammer, and Katie for helping me test Qik.