Podkast manages audio and video podcasts on Android [App Reviews]

June 10, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Multimedia

Podkast manages audio and video podcasts on Android [App Reviews]

No matter your interests – Android apps or home and gardening – there’s probably a podcast out there for you to enjoy. Podkast is one of many Android apps that can find your favorite Internet audio and video podcasts, and organize the feeds at your pleasure.

Podkast’s icons are cartoonish and not unappealing visually, but that can easily be overlooked based on the utility factor. While it may sometimes to be difficult to search for podcasts in Google Listen, an “Android” search in Podkast returns feeds with Android in the show name rather than in episodes (there is an option to search by episode). Podkast also has a large directory of shows to browse, including popular podcasts like TWiT and news content from ABC or CBS.  Discovering content is among the best experiences available for Android thanks to ease of use.

Podkast would be better were it not for the tiny control buttons. The patchwork interface has icons that are jumbled together and not as identifiable as one would hope. Thankfully, Podkast’s performance is tougher to criticize. Playback is smooth over Wi-Fi, subscriptions are easy to manage, and episodes can be manually downloaded.

While Google Listen has the benefit of syncing feeds and Doggcatcher is the most feature-rich experience for people willing to pay, Podkast is a viable alternative for people who just need a podcast app that works and works well.

Key Features

  • Browse large library of channels or find podcasts by show or episode title
  • Stream or download audio/video podcasts


  • Interface design/graphics
  • Doesn’t import/export subscription list