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Picasa Tool Pro allows you to edit, share, and view your Picasa Web Albums [App Reviews]

June 21, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Picasa Tool Pro - Android app for uploading pictures to Picasa Web Albums photo 2

Picasa Tool Pro (PTP) allow users the ability to add, edit, and share their Picasa Web Albums in one single application. Uploading pictures to your Web Album is pretty easy. You choose the ‘Picasa Photo Uploader’ from the main screen of the app, browse to the directory that holds the photos you want to upload, and press the upload button next the the photo. PTP also shows you what you are in progress of uploading as well as what has been completed.

Under ‘My Picasa Web Albums’ from the main menu users can browse their online photo albums and make small changes as well as create a whole new album. Users can also delete, share, add comments to, and set images in their Web Albums as wallpapers. A handy feature in the Web Albums portion of this app is the ability to make a certain album the ‘default upload’ album for you uploads. It would also be nice if you could choose what album you would like to upload to when uploading.

Not only doe PTP allow you to interact with your Picasa account, it also gives you the ability to search and browse the public photos from other members and download, share, or set them as your wallpaper. This is a nice way to find some quick and beautiful wallpapers for your Android phone. PTP even allows you to set the default wallpaper size download in the settings which is a very nice touch.

There are a few things that this app seems to be missing though. For some reason the developer deciding to bypass the default Android buttons like ’back’ and ‘menu’ and decided to place back buttons on the screens. The major problem I have with this is that so many people are used to just hitting the back button on their phones to get to the last screen; it takes a while for your brain to wrap around the fact that you have to hit the button on the screen. It’s a small thing, but annoying enough to comment on it. One more thing is that you can only upload from SD card as of now, hopefully this will be cleaned up in the future.


  • ability to upload, download, comment on, delete, and share pics in your Picasa Web Albums account
  • ability to search and browse popular images on Picasa as well as share, save, or set them as wallpapers
  • a robust set of settings to help you customize your experience
  • great performance and very little lag when uploading or viewing pictures.
  • FREE!


  • confusing controls that do not use the Android controls
  • cannot upload pictures from internal memory, SD only

APP: Picasa Tool Pro