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O2 says goodbye to unlimited data plans

June 10, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



O2 has joined the budding movement of carriers doing away with unlimited data plans. Today the company announced new tariff options that will introduced tiered-data options for all new customers.

New tariffs that begin on June 24 will require one of three data options, none of which will include an unlimited option. Subscribers can pay £25 for 500MB, £40 for 750MB, and £60 for 1GB of data per month. Users who go over those totals will have to purchase additional data of £5 for 500MB or £10 for 1GB.

According to O2, only 3% of its customers will be affected by this change. Existing tariffs with unlimited data will be honored, and a promotion for unlimited data will be available for new customers until October. Cloud and BT Hotspots will still be available to users.