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Norton Security releases Android app for “anti-malware” and remote protection

June 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


norton internet security for android

Love them or hate them, Norton is one of the biggest names in computer security. Via Droid-Life, we know that Norton’s also making a play for the mobile market by releasing an app  for Android.

Norton Security is an Android beta application that promises to block calls and protect users from “malware.” That’s an interesting claim since Android users can already avoid malicious activity by reading permission requests and installing apps only from trusted sources. Norton thinks its app, which is a 90-day trial, can offer better protection.

More intriguing is the ability to remote lock and wipe devices in case they are lost or stolen. We’ve already seen this in Mobile Defense and WaveSecure, but Norton will likely have the weight of its name and resources to build this into a strong competitor to those apps.

This is actually Norton’s second foray into Android. In February, the company released Norton Connect, a beta app that allows users to connect to files stored on a computer, share photos, and prompt a backup of computer files to Norton Online Backup. We’ll probably see more Android apps from Norton soon.