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MySettings allows you to quickly modify your Android settings in one screen [App Reviews]

June 15, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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One of my major gripes about the Android operating system is the antiquated and confusing way that OS settings are changed such as media and phone volume, bluetooth, mobile network, Wifi etc. Although there have been some strides in the direction of correcting this overlooked feature set (the Android Power Control widget in 2.x), it still seems that Android settings lack an continuity.

MySettings is a nice little application that tries to correct the missteps by the Android OS by giving you all of your most used settings in one screen. When launching the application you are presented with a grid that allows you to change the following settings:

  • ringer modes (Normal, Sound & vibration, Only vibration, Siletn (no sound & no vibration)
  • brightness setting by percent
  • unlock pattern on or off (have to set this in your settings screen)
  • Wi-Fi on or off
  • GPS location of or off
  • Bluetooth
  • Auto Sync
  • Auto Rotate
  • Screen Timeout
  • Airplane Mode
  • Cell Location
  • and 2G/3G toggle

As you can see it seems that MySettings covers the gamut of the settings that you would want to change on the fly in a quick user interface. You can create a shortcut on your homescreen or even better in my opinion, a shortcut that stays in your notification bar so you can access from anywhere in the OS.

When the ad at the top of the application isn’t “on” you can see your SD card storage, phone storage, and also the percent of battery remaining. There is also a handy “flashlight” button that is exposed in the menu that turns your screen white and turns up the power all the way to create a “flashlight”.

Some things that need changed is the ability to edit all sound profiles and maybe even add some quick custom profiles to the app to switch to. Also the ability to change and/or set-up your unlock pattern from the app just seems like a no brainer that was missed.


  • ability to change settings such as Wi-Fi, phone volume, GPS, screen timeout, screen brightness, etc. in one condensed screen
  • handy “flashlight feature”
  • key stats at the top of the app (SD storage, internal memory, and battery percentage)
  • quick launch from notification tray
  • FREE!


  • no settings adjustment for media volume or alarm volume
  • no way to set custom profiles

App: MySettings

Price: FREE