Music Mod spruces up music playback widgets on Android [App Reviews]

June 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Multimedia


There are widgets that look beautiful, and then there are widgets that provide phenomenal functions. Music Mod is a widget that looks phenomenal and functions beautifully. We rarely cover hacked apps, but this is one good enough to warrant the attention.

Music Mod makes important visual tweaks to the Android playback widgets. The design is less obtrusive than the standard widgets, using transparency, album art, and crisp design to better-suit wallpapers. There are also plenty of options to go along with those wallpapers, including widget sizes of 4×4, 4×2, 4×1, and 2×2.

Anyone who loads Music Mod will find that the app is very useful for its ability to skip or shuffle, but some people may prefer loading the full library rather than the large view. Clicking on song info (to the right or below album art) will bring up full-screen view, and from there, users will have to press the menu button to access more advanced features.

Music Mod is still a work in progress and getting better with each version. Grab this application if you’re in the mood for a better-looking homescreen widget. Read our tutorial on how to install APK’s if necessary.


  • Good-looking widget pack for music playback
  • Control play/pause, skip/back, and shuffle/repeat from widget
  • Support for gestures


  • Works on any Éclair ROM, but may have trouble on Cupcake/Donut ROM’s

App: Music Mod

Price: FREE