Market Millionaire is a stock market with virtual money, real-world stats [App Reviews]

June 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Everyone thinks they’ve got the secret to playing the stock market, but that’s obviously not reality. Otherwise, we’d all be rich. Anyone with an Android device can test just how effective they can be trading stocks with Market Millionaire, an app that uses near-real-time market information to manage virtual money.

Market Millionaire is a multiplayer game that is cross-platform between Android and iPhone. It begins with a $100,000 bank that users spend to acquire stocks and compete to be the richest person in the game. As in real life, it costs more to invest in a big-name stock like Apple or Google, but there’s a payoff in finding the right stock with potential for growth. Players can buy or sell any of the more than 10,000 stocks to make a profit or limit losses. The app aides that decision by providing charts and news posts from BusinessWeek, MSN Money, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Unfortunately, news is viewable only based on the stocks that you browse rather than a dedicated news section.

Millionaire updates frequently with actual stock performance, making the game feel very real. The experience isn’t as intense as it would be were someone investing their own money, but it provides a fun way for people to monitor the market and pretend they know better than the folks on Wall Street. At the very least, you’ll perform better than the thousands of people currently playing the game.

Note: there are two versions of Market Millionaire; one is “Enhanced” and the other is the “Classic” edition. This review is based on the Enhanced version and I recommend sticking with that one.


  • Simulate the stock market by buying/selling more than 10,000 stocks
  • Compete against other players on Android or iPhone to achieve top net worth
  • Gain news and near-real-time updates to make decision


  • News is accessible only for one company at a time. Doesn’t include dedicated news section for tips on what types of stocks to buy
  • Foreign markets don’t update as quickly

App: Market Millionaire Enhanced

Price: Free