Line Up is an Android game for reformed Tetris junkies [Video App Reviews]

June 4, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android has an influx of 3D games on the way, but the simple ones can still provide entertainment. Line Up is a free game from LabPixies that allows simple to make sense.

Line Up has plenty of puzzle-centered fun to keep you entertained. The goal of Line Up is to tap groups of similarly-colored blocks of three or more. The larger the block group, the greater the points. Users continue tapping until they run out of allotted touches or the tiles reach the top of the grid. The speed of incoming tiles becomes progressively faster, so players will have to balance the desire to wait to maximize points and keep a watchful eye on how high the grid stacks.

Line Up is a game with an incredibly simple premise and plenty of fun. I’d love to see more variety offered through levels, or even a time challenge, but the game is still a worthy app to load onto the phone. Below is a video showing how the game is played.