LED Light will light-up your camera phone’s video in dark settings

June 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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One unfortunate shortcoming of many Android phones is that the lack of an LED light in video mode leads to some crappy night shots. We’ve seen how having a light on during recording can offer slight improvements on the SE XPERIA X10, but there’s an app that can help improve video in dark settings on other phones, too.

LED Light is a crafty widget that can keep your camera’s LED light running while shooting a video. It is only compatible with select phones, but in the case of the dual-LED sporting EVO, it can add some much needed light to an otherwise poor setting.

Let’s not oversell it and make it seem like LED Light will magically turn your phone into a top-notch night camera, but it will be useful in low-lit bars, walking city streets, and trying to film outside in the dark. While not having a light can make those situations completely unfriendly to your phone’s camera, LED Light can salvage an otherwise unusable video.

Download LED Light from the Android Market and throw it on your homescreen.

via AndroidCentral


To install a widget on the homescreen

  1. Long-press on an empty area of the screen
  2. Select Add a widget
  3. Scroll down to select LED Light