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Juice Plotter allows you to analyze and estimate your battery usage [App Reviews]

June 14, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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The newest Android smartphones are truly amazing devices allowing their users the ability to do many things that were not possible just a couple of years ago. With that added functionality come added power consumption. Ask any Android power user and they will tell you that the battle with battery life is a long and arduous one.

Juice Plotter is an Android app that monitors your battery life and provides estimates on how long it will take discharge your battery based on a history log of usage. Juice Plotter monitors battery life, battery temperature, APN, and screen brightness and plots it all on a handy graph that you can scroll through. The graph allows users to see what time they were burning the most battery and maybe even the reason why.

One thing that I have always read and understood is that heat will kill your battery and battery life. After about 4 days with Juice Plotter enabled, I am finding just that. The hotter the battery gets the faster it dies. It’s common sense, but to have it plotted and graphed in front of you shows you just how effective heat is in destroying your battery.

There is also a homescreen widget that shows you how many hours and minutes until your battery is discharged as well as how long until a full charge. The longer you use the app the more accurate it becomes in estimating these values (the widget will tell you at what percent accuracy it believes to be). If Juice Plotter does nothing else other than make you aware of what is destroying your battery I have to say that it is worth the install.


  • ability to plot battery usage, APN, temperature, and screen brightness in relation to time
  • widget with charge time and battery life time estimates
  • simple to use with little setup
  • FREE


  • estimates can sometimes be a little innacurate, seem to get better with time
  • would be nice if you could choose what values to include (like GPS usage, Wifi usage, volume, background services, etc.

App: Juice Plotter

Price: Free