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HTC EVO 4G available (again) with website

June 10, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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As Andrew mentioned yesterday afternoon, the EVO 4G was not completely out of stock like many had been saying. And while he was able to make a purchase in a Sprint retail store, the Sprint website had been showing an out of stock message.

Well, in a little bit of good news — the out of stock message is no longer showing and those interested can now purchase an HTC EVO 4G directly from the Sprint website. The pricing and all that remains the same, which means you can expect to pay $299.99 and then get $100 back in the form of a mail-in-rebate for a final price of $199.99.

Heck, Sprint is even showing the HTC EVO 4G as coming with free activation and free shipping. Now if the Sprint data coverage was not so bad in my local area I would be really tempted to proceed with that “Checkout” button.