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Hacked Motorola Cliq gets 2.1 update that lacks MOTOBLUR

June 14, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Motorola CLIQ

Motorola Cliq users have been waiting on Android 2.1 for a few months; first patiently and then vocally upset after the many delays that are still ongoing. People willing to root their phone can get Android 2.1 right now.

Unfortunately, the 2.1 fix comes sans MOTOBLUR, which is probably a deal breaker for plenty of Cliq users. You might as well have bought a G1 if you wanted a T-Mobile device with keyboard and no MOTOBLUR. But people anxious to get Éclair or those who have seen the inherent flaw of the layered Android experience at least have an option now.

The Eclair2Cliq ROM is available at ModMyMobile with instructions for applying the update. As always, we must remind you that you root and flash at your own risk. Hacking your phone can lead to problems and potentially void your warranty.

Anyone willing to wait longer for an update from Cupcake, Motorola has said it plans to deliver a 2.1 ROM with MOTOBLUR in Q2 2010. We’re halfway through June, so the clock is ticking, Moto.

via [AndroidCentral]