Android News adds app download links to Android search results

June 3, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Google’s search function in the Android Market has plenty of flaws, but the search engine is bringing app search to the mobile browser as well. When visiting on an Android device, app info with market links are pushed to the top of the results page. To find an app, like Shazam for instance, search “download Shazam” from your phone and you will get information on the app as well as a download link.

The new search option isn’t without hiccups (like most new products). For one, it’s currently available only in the United States with other countries to follow. Secondly, I haven’t seen any app search work at all on my phone yet. I’ve also spotted a couple of developers being unable to find their app using this tool, including the dev behind ZAGAT to Go being unable to find his app on Android or iPhone.

Google is king of search but the kingdom is a little shaky when it comes to effectiveness of locating apps. Let’s hope this is the first of many improvements to come.