Gist doesn’t just manage contacts; it monitors them too [App Reviews]

June 3, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Connection is the new standard. Give someone your e-mail address and they’ll send a Facebook friend request or look-up your Twitter account. Gist aims to be the go-to application that aggregates all of those communication tools automatically, giving you one “inbox to the web” rather than going from place to place.

Universal inboxes are a well-traveled concept, but the Gist Android application flourishes by prioritizing information and people. If you communicate with one client or co-worker more than others recently, that person’s information will be pushed to the top of your Gist inbox. It also makes discovery more prominent, showing news about that person’s company or blog posts and tweets connected to him. It’s a great way to know more about the person the next time you meet or call.

Gist tracks emails, links, and attachments in a very organized desktop client. The Android app also does a great job of centralizing your information. We’ve seen UI’s like Motorblur and Timescape attempt to provide the same feature, but Gist is better-suited for people looking for a more professional, lightweight, and flexible way to monitor their contacts.


- Import contacts from Android phone, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Twitter, or CSV/TSV and vCard files
- Read calendars and schedules
- Monitor blog posts, emails, and tweets related to a contact or company
- Prioritize contacts based on frequency, importance, and organization
- Filter view according to news, blogs, network, people, company, or importance

App: Gist
Price: FREE