GelaSkins for the Motorola DROID [Accessory Reviews]

June 2, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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If you are in the market to purchase a protective skin for you shiny-new Android phone, you may be extremely confused by all of the choices that are out there. These skins have been proven to be effective in protecting your device from the minor damages of everyday use and some have proven to just be a waste of your hard earned money. We received a GelaSkin about a month ago to test (yes, I received it for free), and let me tell you I put it through it’s paces. With that said, let’s take a look at how GelaSkins hold up and if they are worth your hard-earned cash.


I have used a ton of screen protectors, cases, full body protectors, etc. in the past on all of my phones. Many of them are a pain in the butt to apply to your device properly and sometimes if you don’t put them on correctly you will waste them.

At first I thought the GelaSkin was sort of a joke; it seems like a big sticker decal for my phone. Applying it was relatively simple as you could put it on and then take it off to make sure that it was lined-up correctly. The “stickyness” of the GelaSkin didn’t seem like it was going to last, but once I got the decal into the correct position it felt like it applied to my phone well. There is a slight “cross-hatching” on the sticky side of the skin. This probably makes it adhere better and maybe even more durable.


Like I said, at first I thought that the GelaSkin was a little cheap and wouldn’t make it a week with the way I use my phone. I have to say that these skins are high quality and can last a long time. After a solid month of use, the GelaSkin is holding up and doesn’t seem to be moving one bit.

The cut of the skin is very good, almost too good, especially when you are trying to line it up initially. I had to re-apply the skin about three times on the back of the DROID just to make sure that it lined up perfectly. One thing I noticed was that the front decal did not seem right on the device. The front decal fit correctly and had no problem staying on, but I found myself seeing it as an eyesore. Nice thing about it was that I could take it off and just use the back decal. Also, the front decal seemed to work fine even over a full-screen screen protector.

A nice touch that GelaSkin added to their line was making backgrounds for your phone that go with skin that you purchased. Basically, it “extends” the skin from the bevels of your phone making it look like it reaches across the entire device. Good thinking.


If you are in need of an attractive, durable, reliable skin for your Motorola DROID there are many to choose from and I think that the GelaSkin brand should make it to the list. Although I didn’t quite like the look of the skin on the front of the DROID, I do think that GelaSkins are high quality and should be considered. GelaSkins come in a HUGE variety for all kinds of devices and themes, plus you can create your own. At a reasonable price these skins may be the way to go for my fellow DROID hipsters who want to “express” themselves through their choice of artwork for their phone.

Product: GelaSkins


Price: $14.95