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Froyo Google Market now offers suggested search

June 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android Market – on Froyo at least – now provides suggested search results when users mistype. For instance, searching for “Hime run battle” no longer yields a page telling you that the Market cannot locate such an app. Instead, a results page saying “Did you mean: Home Run Battle” appears and all the apps with that phrase come up.

We just received a tip from reader Rob, who first noticed this happen a short while ago. When searching for “himerun,” all of the apps with “home” or “run” were offered as suggestions. The same happened when “Twotter” yielded suggestions for Twitter.

A few other Android users have reported the same thing, and all are on Froyo-sporting Nexus One’s. I just tested to see if this would appear on an Android 2.1 EVO but it doesn’t happen yet. This may follow the growing Google tradition of trying things on the Nexus One first and then having the feature trickle down to older devices.

Here are some screencaps sent to us by ralexand

This may seem like an obvious feature to the outsider but most Android users will tell you this is long overdue (disappointingly so). Android has long required perfect searches, which has been challenging considering that some titles use two words with no space between them, others use symbols, and some purposely mispell common names to be unique. It’s surprising that it took Google of all companies this long to improve search on its app portal. Whatever the reason, it’s here for some and coming for most of us.