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FIFA World Cup will broadcast live to Sprint and Rogers Android phones

June 4, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Anyone looking to watch World Cup games on an Android phone is in luck – provided you have a phone on the Rogers network in Canada or Sprint in the U.S. Both carriers have revealed that they will broadcast several soccer matches during the world’s largest sporting event, giving users that chance to watch LIVE soccer aka football, futbol, voetbal from their phones.

The FIFA World Cup is only a week away, and I’m already itching with excitement. But I know that there will be moments when I can’t get to the TV or my local pub to catch every game. Here’s the remedy:


Sprint TV, preloaded onto every Sprint Android device, includes the ESPN Mobile TV network. ESPN will broadcast 56 live World Cup matches. You may notice that there are actually 64 matches played in the World Cup, so I’m guessing that Sprint either miscalculated or Sprint TV will not show games broadcast on ESPN’s sister network ABC.

Either way, the EVO 4G’s large screen and 4G speeds where available will be a huge resource for watching games on the go. There will also be match highlights and recap commentary available on demand through the ESPN channel on Sprint TV.


Canadians won’t be able to cheer for their home nation, but they will be able to watch the FIFA World Cup on the XPERIA X10 (and all other capable Android devices) from beginning to end. Rogers will deliver all 64 matches to subscribers through its Rogers on Demand service. Customers will have to add the $5 monthly charge to their account and then pay a one-time fee of $10 to get the app from the Android Market. I asked a few Rogers reps if users will pay a penalty for signing up for ROD and cancelling after the tournament, but I haven’t gotten a word back yet.

I’d gladly pay $15 to be able to watch the World Cup on an X10, especially since Canadian 3G users often report speeds faster than Sprint’s 4G service.


Verizon just announced that it will also broadcast live World Cup matches, though it will only be available in Spanish-language Univision. Watching the games will require users to sign-up for the VCast video service that costs $10 a month.