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Dropbox Android app update with new features/bug fixes

June 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



The Android app for multi-device file syncing solution Dropbox was updated late last night. Already one of the most popular apps on Android thanks to its built-in base of desktop users, Dropbox has added several new features and optimizations to become even stronger.

Dropbox has added the ability to upload any type of file into a user’s box, and it can create new directories directly within the application. Users will unfortunately still have to rely on separate apps like Astro if they wish to browse directories as Dropbox has yet to add that feature.

Also new/changed:

  • Long-press tweaks to delete files
  • Long-press to download files (no longer have to view)
  • Long-press to share with other apps
  • Create files with DropText
  • Improved handling of Keepass and Docs To Go edits

Download Dropbox from the Android Market to begin taking advantage of these new features. You’ll also find the following bug fixes and changes, according to the Dropbox forums post announcing the new version of the app

File-Type Fixes

  • AMR audio files now play properly
  • Opening a .url file now opens a web browser with the embedded link
  • Opening an .epub file starts Aldiko properly, if installed
  • Opens .cbz files in Droid Comic Viewer, if installed
  • Opens text/html files in Dropbox WebView, with JavaScript enabled (built-in Web Viewer
    wasn’t enabling JavaScript). 1Password exported html files now work properly.
  • Fixed streaming music & video file playback on Froyo (Android 2.2). Was causing
    the music player to force close.
  • WMA files will play, if your phone supports WMA (most Android phones don’t).
  • [Dropbox]