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Droid X gets pictured with Droid Eris, HTC EVO 4G & iPhone 3G

June 14, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Judging from the previous images of the Droid X I think it was already safe to assume that it was a large phone, however these most recent images to hit the web confirm that. The Droid X is huge. These pics show it alongside a Droid Eris, which makes the Droid X look almost tablet like. Granted the Eris is fairly small so take that as you will. That said, its also slightly bigger than the EVO 4G, which most everyone has commented on how big that is was. Oh, and thrown in for good measure was an iPhone 3G, which also looked small — even with a case. Bottom line, if you do not want a large phone, then do not consider a Droid X. Maybe the X actually stands for xtra, as in extra large.

[via Android Forums]