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doubleTwist release media player app for Android

June 3, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

Android Apps, Multimedia


A new media player app has been released in the Market, and this seems to be the one that Android users have been waiting for. The app is dubbed as the doubleTwist Player and is available as a free download. In order to find and download, you can either visit the market and search for “double” or scan the QR code included in the gallery below.

Touching on that free for a moment, its noted as being “free for a limited time” so you may want to grab that download sooner as opposed to later.

Otherwise, you can expect to find a “fully featured music and video app.” It will also sync with the desktop client which is available for Mac and Windows computers. In other words, doubleTwist is giving you an iTunes like experience — perhaps better though.

Well, get it before its no longer free.