doubleTwist Player gives Android media a much-needed facelift [Video App Reviews]

June 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Multimedia, Video Reviews


DoubleTwist was the first desktop program that could manage media on an Android device. The program was not without its faults, but it was one of the few options that could get the most basic job done. The doubleTwist Player Android app can be described in similar fashion. The companion app is missing a few things that would make it the go-to option for media players, but it has enough virtues to provide a great audio and video experience.

The most obvious draw for doubleTwist is that it works well with the desktop application. People who already use dT to sync music playlists and podcasts will find that the Android app works well in managing those lists. They will also find that doubleTwist is the best looking media player on Android. Sure, interface may not be as important to some, but doubleTwist’s large buttons and beautiful design make a difference in browsing the library and controlling playback. Here is a video tour of doubleTwist, which is available for free on the Android Market.


  • Syncs with doubleTwist desktop app for podcast manager
  • Best graphics and controls available on Android
  • Easily recognizes podcasts thanks to dT sync


  • Lacks homescreen widgets (coming soon) and photo browser