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doubleTwist adds Android Market browsing to Windows app?

June 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



It looks like the latest version of doubleTwist now includes in-app browsing of the Android Market. Though doubleTwist added a web-based Market browser, only Mac users of the media syncing and conversion tool were also able to search for Android apps directly within the application.

I went to install the new version of doubleTwist today and was greeted by an Android Market link in the sidebar. I’ve experienced some major errors with the program on both Vista and Windows 7 so I’ve been unable to test it fully, but the new feature seems to be there. It’s a catch .22 that they may have finally added this feature yet both my computers are unable to run it. Download doubleTwist and see if you fair better than me. Note: I’m getting fatal errors, so if you depend on ‘Twist to manage your files, wait until something more stable is out.

I suggested last month that Google should acquire doubleTwist and make it easier for people to manage media content on their Android phone, but it seems Google will do that internally based on what was previewed at Google I/O. I still think ‘Twist will have a place because Google seems to be working on a web client rather than a desktop client, meaning it won’t be able to convert video and manage content quite like doubleTwist.

UPDATE: This seems to be the inclusion of Market search after all based on this Lifehacker post.