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Do you really care about a phone’s frame rate? [POLL]

June 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



There’s a story going around that the HTC EVO frame rate is “capped” at 30 fps. There’s even talk that the Nexus One suffers the same fate.

Who cares?

Settle down, power users. I’m sure you’re part of the vocal contingent of hardcore gamers who can discern between the optimal and “good enough” settings. But the majority of EVO and Nexus One users never would notice unless you tell them or show a side-by-side comparison with a device at a higher frame rate. We saw the same issues pop up when the Nexus One was said to be inferior to the Droid in graphics or multitouch sensors, yet I doubt more than 10% of Nexus One users care enough to switch to a Droid.

Don’t get me wrong; everyone wants to believe that their expensive equipment packs the best possible performance to warrant the purchase. However, if most videos are filmed at 24 fps, 3D games play without issue, and the scrolling renders normally, most people won’t care. If multitouch works well enough to respond to games, what difference does it make to a N1 user if the Droid is slightly better? All the benchmark tests going around are great for comparison and helping users decide which device is right for them, but I doubt the average person considers this a dealbreaker.

Think I’m wrong? I’d be glad to hear it. Answer this poll and expound in the comments if you wish.

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