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Brightcove announces SDK for Android app creation, Flash templates

June 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Apple and HTML5 advocates are quick to point out that Flash is not the video distribution platform of the future; however, it is the distribution method of today and cannot be ignored as an important tool for consuming video online.

Brightcove has recognized this and announced today that developers can now access the Brightcove app SDK for Android app creation. It is also offering templates for the just-announced Flash 10.1 that include more touch-friendly controls and images. Developers can use these resources to create native Android apps that can optimize their content for mobile phones. The SDK includes tips and resources for using Java and Brightcove API’s for media-driven apps.

In the announcement of the SDK, Brightcove’s Jeff Whatcott took the time to pat Android on the back and signal that it is happy that his company is “connecting Brightcove to the red hot Android platform in a material way with this new SDK.” While Brightcove is actively working on improving its ability to work with HTML5, the company wants to expand options for content delivery.

Developers can visit the app SDK page for more information.

Image via Aaskov