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Barnes & Noble launches Nook Wi-Fi for $149, 3G version updated and lowered to $200

June 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Barnes & Noble has made its eBook reader less intrusive on the wallet, announcing both a $149 Wi-Fi only version of the Nook, and lowering the price on the 3G version to $199. The Nook Wi-Fi will offer the same features as the 3G version, delivering all of the same specs except for the obvious lack of 3G. The device is available for purchase at or Best Buy.

B&N also shaved $50 off the existing 3G version. That’ll come as welcome news to anyone still considering an e-ink reader, as they can save $50-$100 depending on which version of the Nook they purchase. New and current Nook readers will also be treated to version 1.4 of the Nook’s custom Android software. The latest software provides access to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots, XXL font size, and Go-To-Page to open a specific eBook page. It is available for download at

Does this make you want to run out and get a Nook or are you still waiting on a tablet to read your eBooks rather than e-ink?