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AT&T tease Android users with HTC Sense device shown in video

June 11, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



AT&T is working to deliver an Android device, and not just the on-again-off-again Dell Streak. In a video posted of the AT&T labs touring the carrier’s testing facility, an employee shows off an Android device coming to the carrier.

“I can’t really tell you guys about,” the employee says as he briefly flashes it on-screen. However, as Phandroid notes, this looks similar to the HTC Aria/Liberty leaks that have been slowly trickling out over the past couple of weeks. Further stroking those suspicions are the split-second glimpses we get into an HTC Sense interface at about the 1:54 mark.

AT&T is definitely working on testing the device’s screen and software durability. Let’s just hope they are a little nicer to it than they’ve been with Motorola’s products. The phone shown in the video doesn’t look like much of a powerphone, but there’s room for a good “regular” phone.