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Android’s growth nearly triples; 160,000 phones activated each day

June 23, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Look to the gold pda

It seems like every time an executive from Google opens his mouth, Android’s growth numbers increase. In February, CEO Eric Schmidt said that Android ships 60,000 phones each day. Then last month at Google I/O, Vic Gundotra said that number had climbed to 100,000 activations per day. Not to be outdone, Google VP of engineering Andy Rubin says the number now sits at 160,000 activations a day.

That’s a whole lot of phones.

So what’s the reason for this increase? The obvious answer is better phones. With each passing week, there’s a new phone on the horizon with a new form factor or specs that make it the big dog on another carrier. HTC has struggled to meet demand for the EVO, Desire, and Incredible, and we’ll soon see folks lining up for the Samsung Captivate, Galaxy S, and Vibrant or Droid X.

It remains to be seen if Android can sustain this type of growth. Frustration with Android, temptation from the iPhone, or even a relaxed pace of releases could stem the tide of the increased sales. If I were a gambling man, I’d take the over on the average number of activations leveling off at something above 160,000.

How about you?