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Android Apps Alert #26: Music and More Music Edition

June 27, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Every week, attempts to highlight the best Android Apps. Using tips from the #androidapps tag on Twitter and recommendations from our own eagle-eyed staff, we highlight recent additions to the market and apps we feel readers will enjoy. If you’d like to recommend an app for inclusion, mention @androinica or use the #androidapps tag.

You may have noticed a theme this week of music and media apps getting special attention. This was completely unintentional but seemed to be welcome change of pace to many of you. This is something we may revisit with more categories. Below you will find a few recommended apps, and below that will be links to the many media apps that we reviewed this week.

Google Voice (US only)

Google Voice is now open to everyone…in the U.S. Now you can register for the voicemail, SMS, and calling powerhouse Google is attempting to build. Once you do, make sure you download the official Google Voice for Android app. Voice provides an inbox for SMS messages, voicemail, transcription for voicemail messages, forwarding controls, and the option to route calls through Google Voice.

Wallpaper Rotator

There’s nothing wrong with being indecisive when it comes to the wallpaper displayed on your Android phone. That’s especially true because of Wallpaper Rotator, an Android app that automatically changes the background on the homescreen at a designated interval. Rotator can switch wallpapers every 10 seconds or every day. The more frequent the changes, the more battery it eats, so keep that in mind. You can select a specific folder to grab wallpapers or use images from Flickr.

aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper (Android 2.1+ only)

Stress is stressful. Crazy, I know. Use aniPet Koi as a way to relax by looking at a serene wallpaper. The AniPet Koi Live Wallpaper turns your phone into a tranquil pond where koi swim across the screen. Tapping the screen will drop food that the fish will then eat, which can make you feel peaceful. Settings for the wallpaper include changing the number of fish and the speed at which they travel.
Via Jfalse33 @androinica – animated koi fish live wallpaper is pretty slick. Can feed the fish from homepage.

White Noise Lite

White Noise is an Android app worth considering if you’re one of the people who hate silence. The app is essentially a noise maker, providing familiar sounds that you can keep in the background to soothe or listen to without being too distracting. Sounds include an Airplane, Beach, Rain, Thunder, and White Noise among others. This may not be the cup of tea for most, but it could come in handy for others.

AUDIOFY (BETA) – not filmed

We previously covered Audible as a great app worth downloading if you want to listen to audiobooks. However that app is tied to having an Audible account, so reader Jose saw fit to tell us about Audiofy, another option for listening to your stories on tape. Nearly 13,000 titles are available in this application, which can stream or download books to listen to classics. Books can be purchased using Google checkout and streamed over 3G or Wi-Fi. Both Audiofy and Audible are in beta, so it’s too early to say which is better, but it’s good to know you have options – unless you’re on Android 1.5 because this app requires Donut or higher. More information available here.